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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Who we are in Dream; are we in Life?

"Who you are in Dream is not who you are in Life."

I find myself echoing a statement made by Tyler Durden in "Fight Club"

Yet this is my experience: there is a more subtle interplay of consciousness woven through "dream" than in that it simply ends upon waking.

Dream crosses over into our waking consciousness as does our Life into dream. The greater one realizes this, the less important things become which are predicated upon the line where waking becomes sleep and vice versa. The realization that Dreaming is, in a sense, a refined way of living, and that its genuine energy, which makes purely mental creations on us while inwardly fixated on our most natural processes, can occur at any time when the mind is used accordingly. Dream is a finer interpretation of the mundane mind by the human heart.

When Dream crosses over into the awake mind, we are creating music, writing inventively, singing passionately, thinking imaginatively, etc.

Life feeds into our dreaming when asleep, in our most vulnerable state of mind, we involuntarily re-live personal desires, social obligations or anxious occurrences in the guise of the mind's own conceptual spin stripped of normal sensory perception.

So, when one goes beyond mere "lucid dreaming" and interacts with a newfound sense of their Dream, as where the their dreaming is united in all aspects of the mind, whether awake or asleep, that person may be known to adopt strange habits such as going under pseudonyms (such as myself) or more overtly in simply taking their lives into their own hands, speaking their mind and dedicating their time to what they are passionate about, what unites them with an eternally alive Dream, that is at the crux of creation in a profound relationship to something actual as opposed to the appealing to what is currently acceptable in its concave, boxed-in drudgery of a life lived without dreaming. For Dream is Spirit, it is the true Source of Life, and ground within which all life must inevitably resolve.


  1. Some brilliant and original philosophizing here, Rusty. I take the gist of it to be: spirit uses mind in dreams to create/experience emotional realities, and spirit uses mind in waking life to create/experience mystical realities. The difference is the mind willingly participates in sleep, but upon waking resists with all its will. This leads to a life lacking dream (in the larger sense) unless one dedicates as you have done to “living the dream,” as they say nowadays, or venturing to puncture the veil between worlds to determine which is the true one, as they put it in another 1999 movie: “Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for your addition! So glad you connected this post with that "other 1999 film" which I was very much also thinking about with reference to this line of thinking! Very grateful for your continued presence as co-thinker, co-dreamer!

    Live awake, still in Dream, far from sleep, you are the Life of Dream.