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Monday, 17 October 2011

Busker's Gamble (2)


  1. Speaking of Kulu Se Mama, great stuff! Thanks for reminding me of the incomparable beauty of Chinese culture. Like here:

    (inspired by Endless Yearning – Li Bai):

    Endlessly lovesick in Changan,
    The autumn crickets cry on well posts golden
    Desolate frost chills my bamboo mat
    The candle flickers, and deeper grows my desire
    I lift the drape and sigh, at the clear and lonely moon,
    Single as a flower, centered from the clouds
    Above, I see the blue and deepness of the sky
    Below, I see the green and restlessness of water…
    Heaven is high, Earth wide, bitter between them flies my sorrows
    Can I dream through the gateway, over the mountain?
    Endless longing
    Breaks my heart.


  2. Bill,

    Thank you for adding a touch of your beautiful literary mind as part of this post! I once took a course on Chinese poetry, I'm glad to be reminded here of the great Li Bai!

    The Zheng player in this video is my wife! I am accompanying her glorious,
    fascinating improvisational bravura on the Egyptian Doumbek. You can see more
    of her work anytime if you like on

    So grateful for your music links! They are quite inspiring especially the John Coltrane tribute on Qin! Wild!

    On Sat. night one of my good friends joined in with instrumental duet my wife and I perform at a cafe with his Qin! It was for sure a first for our city and a tremendously inspiring occasion nonetheless!

    Dreams in Truth for All!