Primarily a writing exercise, this dream journal-inspired blog is a quiet introspective sojourn into the process that we traverse in going from private dream to public art. I see our dreaming as an internalized mythmaking. As I philosophize and expressively exhibit dreams, both private and public, I encourage and delight in creative language as a way to practice experiential metaphors through a “public dreaming." Writing Theory: Creative Dream Fiction

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lifelong Blood Infection at a Refugee Community Center

The Pasha by Jean-Honore Fragonard

In Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt in El-Wafaa Refugee Culture Center teaching rooms. It is dark with single light bulb light wavering, chalky walls, the tattered blue paint against the rough globs of unsmoothed concrete, my finger is sucked clean by a strange jellyfish type being, it gives me HIV, though I try and clean the blood in a hand/face washing sink basin

July 14, 2011

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