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Thursday, 5 April 2012

First dream from a Jew in Space

"I am Santiago Bar. I'm 26 years old and I work as a cook. Who would have said that I would end up doing this job?"

- from the 1st Dream Sequence in "Jews in Space" by Gabriel Lichtmann

I observe a cousin of mine who’s recently lost her grandmother as the centerpiece of a Japanese talk show. The television studio set is behind me as I watch her interviewed in a fashion befitting an American teen superstar. She sits next to a Japanese keyboardist as they begin playing some flashy pop music. My eyes zoom into the fingers of the keyboardist flying across the keys with exceptional agility. In mid-song he invites me to sit, after which the audience watches our duet. There is an overwhelming sense of anticipated incestuous romance between my cousin and me from the unusually silent excitement of the teeming crowd. 

Curiously enough, this film is about an anticipated romance of a kind between two Jewish cousins, which my dream points to here as well, interestingly cross-hatched by an overall dramascape of show biz. 

"To dream of an affectionate correspondence with one's cousin denotes a fatal rupture between families." (iDream)

to drive and arrange to meet
the feeding

worldly and distanced
urge to the fair

agreement with curse,
breathing childish meaning

to sink anxiously into a night felt
to create feeling,

why, discouraged?
blink kindly

- excerpt from "Snaking back into the Staff"

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