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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dream Poetry from the Scientific Community

" graduate school one of my advisers, I spoke to him one morning, he was doing research on star clusters that have these huge orbits around the center of the galaxy, he said he had a dream the night before where he was one of these galaxies and he was orbiting the center of the galaxy...if you start becoming in your cosmic dream, I want to have those dreams because then you think creatively about what remains to be discovered."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson in "The Poetry of Science" presented by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science on September 28, 2010
I’m climbing the stairs in a long, thin rectangular building. I’ve been trying to follow a friend of mine who is taking a course with a professor of geography. In the college campus, I seek this professor. When I arrive to the group of students situated outside of a classroom at the very top floor of the building, the professor had already left them to an assistant. Curiously, we move out through a glass door and onto the roof. Interestingly enough, we are at a ledge overlooking the plains of Southern Alberta at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. As we look out towards the horizon, strange mountains have formed, quite unusual to the local terrain. The professor’s voice rings as from above, sounding like a loudspeaker overhead. He tells us about the mountains ahead. They are sparsely topped with fluorescent greens and ruddy earth reds and light browns, forming a seemingly endless carpet of medium-tall peaks at about uniform height draped over with the shadows of roaming clouds. “I have known the endurance in traversing beyond the range.” He speaks to us coldly with matured foresight as to the near impossible natural impasse. As the students begin to clear, my searching eyes see traces of industry. Train tracks appear, passing directly into the heart of the range. 
"A mountain dream is used by the subconscious mind to tell us that we have many obstacles to overcome and they will be large ones and almost insurmountable." (iDream)
spiraled dawn fractured by a scintillation
inspiring madness divine on the cemetery backwall laugh
uprisen as a hand, freakish to the crack of lying dreams
prepared, as spilled ash freezes in a line trembling freer than a rocked flash

“oh god entice this sickness to crash on the empires doorstep
last before the carnage to fall quakes in the morning
with a demonesque call to become the jeering weasel
creaking easily as high distance in fright, and lost”

- excerpt from "Sour Mangrove"

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