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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3 Waterfalls Over the Dream of an Exotic Settler

Manuscript Cartography by Exotic Settlers - Rusty Kjarvik

As a fledgling artist whose writing creativity catapulted him into the realm of visual art, I never dreamed to exhibit such art publicly beside truly innovative and dedicated artists of a high order. Such dream creativity sparked when I stumbled upon Asemic Writing. Simply, I am drawn to my writing craft from a visually creative standpoint as a youth whose eyes were pressed to contemplate the magic of the Hebrew alphabet, and its sheer visual wizardry. 

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I find myself whirling through the lushest forestation, a gripping riverine jungle, and I float recklessly down the coursing flow of its river in a dugout canoe. Many times I follow others, as they whip in and out of half-sunken tree trunks. The mossy greens of all shades mixed with the reds, blues and yellows inland express a whole range and host of wildlife and biodiversity. I am immersed in the heart of this living being. Suddenly, as I begin to think, what if I come across a waterfall, I will surely be flown off its edge without heed at the velocity with which I row through. So, I slow down, and lo and behold, I near a waterfall. I see many other canoeists marooned atop the waterfall, and to my surprise, a few of them are handicapped. I wonder how they got here! As we all look for a way down, one young man in a wheelchair dips over the edge of the waterfall embankment to the fright of us all, and almost lunges headlong over its edge, however he remains on safe ground. More to the side of us, a tramcar gondola seems to have been installed for just the reasons we need. I help the handicap travelers to hitch their things on the gondola line on special hooks meant for collapsed wheelchairs and walkers of different kinds. We all board the tramcar gondola.

Next, I find myself immersed in the village life of the jungle. There are dark-skinned women with satchels carrying infants and sacks of fresh vegetables. We ask about the local origins of their food. They seem to be living an ideal environmentalist way, with foods only brought from nearby villages by the same means that we had arrived from the river. This gives them enough diversity in their food that they could ever wish with such an unindustrialized forest, thick enough to give privacy at any moment’s notice! As I begin to spend some days in and around the village, I feast upon the luscious fruits and raw beauty of their sustenance that they so pleasantly offer without hesitation. I even come across one Rastafarian man, who slightly resembles the lead character in the film, “Countryman” but also Bob Marley himself, who sitting amongst locals as if they were his own, provides me with some kindly living wisdom.

After I exit from the jungle, I next find myself in a beautifully set convention room for a new civil society organization. This is my Cultural Fulfillment Center come to life! There are pictures of immensely successful inventors, travelers and social justice activists of all types wandering around the room to view the open house presentation of all the achievements each of the members has brought to the table and combined for the efforts of the center. My poetry, in the form of the collection, “Exotic Settlers” lies piecemeal on the wall. I am slightly embarrassed that it is showing, and even though people are very keen to see it. I stumble on my own feet in facilitating their knowing about my activities and background. 
"To dream of a waterfall, foretells that you will secure your wildest desire, and fortune will be exceedingly favourable to your progress. Dreaming of a waterfall symbolizes beauty and grace. It may represent your goals and desires."
I remember Africa

A skeletal footprint
Awakening humanity

To Earth
Her being


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