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Friday, 8 June 2012

Cyclical Resolution, "Wordplay" PDF Online!

Cyclical Wordplay

Hello to All Fellow Dreamers, Bloggers and Visitors:

As you may have noticed, I have been posting excerpts from the "Cyclical Wordplay" collection (linked to the first artwork under Experimental Writing Gallery to the right) for the past few weeks as an addendum to each post.

As I move onto my "Exotic Settlers" collection to accompany the next generation of dream posts, I am making a PDF version of the entire Cyclical Wordplay collection available for your creative reading / interpretive pleasures.

This is all for the centred purpose of crafting and developing my creative writing in concert with the online community. It is a great dream of mine to share, collaborate and continue to explore each other's inner and outer worlds through web-based creativity. Viva La Tecnologia De Los Pueblos! Long Live the Technology of the People!

Reception to date for "Cyclical Wordplay"


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3:AM Magazine, Eskimo Pie


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The New Post Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing

Maad Sheep

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