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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dreamless Impasse of Democratic Dictatorship

"One of the things we are realizing now is that it is easy to beat a dictator, but it's not so much easy to get rid of a dictatorship. The networks, the intricacies, the institutions, and everything the dictatorship has established remains, even after the elections."

From Democracy Now!

Mohammad Nasheed, recently ousted from freely democratically elected appointment as President of the Maldives by the previous dictatorship. The US has supported the previous dictatorship's return to power. See Egypt for more. 
In a ground level stone-concrete apartment with Vi, a storm-brought flash flood rolls in with increasingly formidable waves, crashing into our home. She hands me our son, as a final wave breaks over our heads, I'm unable to carry the infant above the water and lose its precious body in the storm-tossed water. After the flood subsides, under bristling gray skies, we search for our toddler in the wreck of our home. Found electrocuted in a ceiling appliance, Vi is beside herself. We leave our place unable to visit our neighbors from the shame, heartache and miserable wreck. We find our way into a department store, seeing newly homeless, bruised and battered, bloodied and torn bodies and minds. A friend with a newborn boy consoles my wife for her loss.
"Dreaming about being in a flood is an indication that the dreamer is currently experiencing powerful emotions that may be overwhelming. The flood in your dream could represent a very powerful, or even violent, emotional cleansing experience...just like in an actual flood, waters reside and so do emotions." (iDream)
into the aftermath of Egyptian shari'a
god who numbs the pride of his tombstone children
with numbers to awe mediums dress over worldwide rage
as local prophet magicians in the New South pray for rain
to drop into a new continent,
for the last time

- excerpt from "boiling over with truth"

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  1. The Maldives of course are the tops of mountains from a long-submerged continent. Nasheed was ousted, of course, because of the terrible costs of the 2004 tsunami. They pray in the holy deserts for rain, but the island babies aren't ready for the baptism.

    It all connects, n'est pas?