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Monday, 6 February 2012

The Undeniable Truth...Interpreting the Dreams of Sun Ra

"...human history has not been an inevitable march towards a brighter future, that the world as constructed by Christianity, capitalism, and imperialism of all kinds is indeed doomed to self-immolation, and that man’s only hope is to radically reject the present and to dream of new and previously unimagined futures."

The "undeniable truth" written by OtherPlanesofThere, can be found on an exclusive Sun Ra Blog and on UbuWeb

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  1. "Let's blast the damnded air
    the imprisoning circle that bans the earth
    with the echoes of the dead truth of the
    damneded word
    lets the light shine upon the darkness
    that enchains the meaning of the
    knowledge that has been used as the law
    to destroy..."

    Good thing no one took Sun Ra or his costumes seriously...

    Ah, the music is as strange and beautiful as music can be. Alas,...

    "Perhaps I dream too much alone."

    [laughter from outer space]