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Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Mind Transcends Market Demand, and Returns Home to Find Nothing Left

Landscape with Aeneas at Delos by Claude Lorrain

"Why should a financial engineer be paid four times to a hundred times more than a real engineer. A real engineer builds bridges, a financial engineer builds dreams. When those dreams turn into nightmares, other people pay for it."
Andrew Sheng 
Chief Advisor, China Banking Regulatory Commission

From the film Inside Job


I begin walking outside of my grandmother’s house in upstate NY. I seem to have fled the house, where usually no one leaves when visiting because it lies in the middle of nowhere. I am walking down a hill, it seems at once to be in the Hampton Hills, where she lives, but also in Western Massachusetts, where I once took a hefty dose of LSD and walked all day on the country roadside. The northeastern forests bear down on my mind as spindly webs of the subconscious wilderness. Sooner or later, I end up nearing the house of my father, my stepmother waves her arm dramatically to motion me in as if I am a dog called inside. When I get in, it is Christmas morning, and my gifts are the gifts I’ve received from all the years being there for Christmas, loads of books on spirituality and Eastern thought, however in the form of mass market consumer items. I look through these books exhaustively and disgusted to no end, finding nothing.  


comrade against these forbidden culturati
timed to the arrival of the outdoor preacher 

worshiping the lost dead
world of stone and writing.

- excerpt from "Another Worldview"

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  1. Your art gallery is worthy of the library of Alexandria, by the way, and your writing is as good as Kafka, and I'm totally serious.

    Worshipping the lost dead gives me chills.