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Sunday, 26 February 2012

King Solomon and the Drug of the Dreamer

“King Solomon in the Book of Kings goes to a high place and has a dream there where God gives him wisdom and advice and information and riches, now although we don’t have any evidence of this in the bible, we think it was probably very difficult for non-professionals to enter this trance-dreaming state. So, the speculation is that the priests who attended those dream sanctuaries, probably passed out little drinks that would help ease you into a nice sleep that was filled with visions.”

- from History Channel Documentary, "Ancient Drugs" 


Novitiate Dreamer

What is the overlapping effect of passionate, searching intent to experience and remember one’s dreams with regularity? What happens when one suddenly replaces the time spent specifically to practice dreaming, as a “writing” process of mental recording, with waking life experience? How does one’s life experience change based on that spiritual momentum and waking transition?

Seasoned Dreamer

You begin to see the Dreamers among the crowd, those who are a bit more aware about the fickle nature of reality, and are fearless to dream in their daily lives, to create worlds out of the creative mediums emanating from their own minds like veins of a pulsing heart, emboldened with the glory of Love’s unmistakable vibration, and they are so clearly seen among crowds of people isolated from the dream connecting us all, because the rest are too afraid to realize that their clothes, hair, attainments, and on are the mere substance of their dreaming and nothing more, and nothing less. 


Charged into the luring night
Carved into the alluring heights
Nuanced into tribal delights

Singing with the ancients in tones of space 

Delayed, silent prophecies spell dismay 
and the pandemic smites the land

Wired, fortuitous 
growling, harbored animals’ grow to fame

Sparkling wizard beards of vision 
drunken, smoldering, breathless 

- excerpt from "An Artist's Line"

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  1. Great combination of mind-blowing prose and incandescent poetry -- makes me dizzy in a dervish way.

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