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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Reflection on "Mary's Near Death Experience" solo theatre by Jamie Tea

Photo: Performer Jamie Tea. Photo by: Tim Nguyen/Citrus Photography.
Jamie Tea Tognazzini's solo show, "Mary's Near Death Experience" at soulOcentric had me laughing from start to finish. The performance was hilariously charming and impacted me on so many levels. Firstly, the show had many references to concern and love for the ocean, which from my previous post "Reflection on 'Save the Humans' lecture by Rob Stewart" one can see is an extremely pertinent and worthwhile issue to raise in all forms and contexts in the public eye.

Jamie Tea enlightened that perspective through a great bravura of comic timing and voice acting which grabbed the audience on a journey into the space age, complete with the naivety of a southern-belle with a knack for religious experiences and a jaded Coney Island street worker. The shapeshifting ventures were spurred on by the dream of a "cosmic wonder-fish" which led Mary to the Moon, to admire spacescapes and woo the audience's imagination with a subtly refreshing candour.

I've known Jamie Tea from her work with Green Fools Theatre, during their Outer Space-themed 2011 Halloween Howl show. It seemed almost as if Miss Tea had projected her character from that previous show and placed her unique acting genius front and centre.

Stay tuned for Green Fools Theatre this Halloween!

Oh! I know that recurrent clarity, the open water: the blue ocean when calm. They say a oceanographic project recently cleared a magnificent coral shallow, with its cerulean majesty, awakening the surface of conscious freedom from the lowest of depths, the inertial core, to the highest of realms above in the unspoken silent space of brilliant sky. 

Mediterranean by Nikolay Dubovskoy Sredizemnoye
Unafraid, I swim. Sharks are a passing memory, and fish and dolphin happily glide atop the water with a bounteous air, showing their fins with the gentility of a human smile. The water is cool, refreshing, and I swim eagerly, immersed in its healing, maternal body. 
Our modern lives run clean through this cursed river
Our blood dirties, streaming from the porous core
These are wounded oceans.
We sink, while the light of the world floats amiably to the surface
Belly up.

- excerpt from "Belly Up"

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