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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Public Dreaming: The 1st Anniversary Post of SoJourn(al)!

The First Birthday by Frederick Daniel Hardy
Thanks to all the fellow dreamers, bloggers and visitors who have participated in SoJourn(al). Especially to Poet Tree, who has kept interest and continued to comment with unslaked interest in the content of Private Dreams to Public Art.

In the first year, this humble blogspot has garnered 10,000 pageviews from all over the world, including a whole lot from Russia!

Na zdorovye!

With a high of over 1500 views a month, that is more than many online literary journals!

In my first year of publishing creative writing, my imagination roamed freely into experimental literature as a visual experience. With a mainstay of dream journaling as a rooting practice in creative writing, and through imaginative reflections on dreaming and its awe-inspiring influence on the entirety of human culture throughout the ages, especially in art, literature and music, I have embarked on a path of creative development as a full-fledged dreamer. 

My blog, regularly updated with creative dream fiction and original poetry, features my art alongside as a complementary art form drawn from the seamless worlds of consciousness and dreaming. Inspired by the tremendous creative insights, which fulfill my being after reflecting on the wealth of imagery in dreams, whose sensual experiences are pregnant with symbolic mythopoesis, I have endeavored to experience my greatest passion, the act of creative writing, as a visual art form. 

What I originally referred to as spatial literature began its journey in the public mind with the asemic writing / post-literature community, where my work was first featured on The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing. After only a few months, I have received ten exhibitions - in print, online and live at local galleries. 

The dream lives on in my daily life through the creative work of making new art, and in the unconscious wellspring of raw intentionality, to truly be an example of my art, as a positive and vibrant force of individuality. This is the greatest dream that my art reveals to me.

May We Continue Into All Forms of Consciousness to Create the Public Dream of an Art-Full World!
In a reprint of a philosophical musing on the experience of interpreting dreams through creative reflection on prominent imagery, or symbols, I have taken a step in another direction, a less conventional one, and one also corroborated by Freud (see my post: Free Association Beyond Symbols: The Interpretive Art of Freud) where the act of writing, is a willful and conscious movement towards free association, with an emphasis on free, which aligns with my creative aspiration, to see the entirety of my self through the lens of creative thought and its subsequent outpouring in language. Such is my raisons d'être for the SoJourn(al).

After contemplating the recent series of interpretations based on the application of generic dream dictionary usage, I have experienced the truth that in fact, the interpretation is in the writing, that meaning that in creatively writing the dream with imaginative insight into the narrative structure and enlightening detail, the interpretation is made, not as a definition or forecast, but as an act of creative impression in the waking mind of the public collective, where art and dream interfuse in a subtle rendering of meaning in the act of envisioning the import of the imagery on waking, through conscious language, yet still poetically, in a language that minds the unconscious relativity of creation, as a holistic creative act in tune with the entire phenomenal experience of being human. That finally, the dream and its interpretation are one.

As seen on my post: The Dark Ages Revivified by the Colour of Welsh Dream-Lore 

Interpretive Meaning

Interpret meaning in creative writing

Interpretation is the writing of creation

Meditating on dreams and the fleeting mind is to interpret

Creation is interpretation

The creative mind is interpretive

The world is open to interpretation

Create, and the mind is interpreted

Creation is the seamless measure of dream

When the unconscious is invoked in waking, a part becomes whole

Interpretation is literal recollection, a voluntary gathering of the involuntary

What is the outcome of a conscious recollection of the unconscious?

Writing is a means to creative interpretation

Writing is one way to mind the unconscious

When writing is a creative act, the mind is open to interpretation

When writing is a creative act, interpretation gives meaning

Thought, when creative, is meaningful

Silence, when thought, is interpreting

Be silent, think, and write a new interpretation

Interpretation is meaning

Interpretation is interpretation

Interpret meaning with meaning

Mean to interpret  

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  1. Congratulations are in order here, Rusty. You've definitely kicked the Jungian and Surrealistic insights up a notch or three, moving the universe in your own way towards a more expansive and harmonious sense of what art is and can be.

    The energy of freedom is an awe-inspiring thing.