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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Call of the Sacred River: Pather Panchali and Dreams of Varanasi


"Let's go to Benares. Don't the orators make lots of money?"


"We can't go. How can we? This is my ancestral home; how can I leave it?"


"Why not? You were away eight years before. You left me at my father's and never wrote."


"Then I did not know you sweet you are."


"Save your compliments. This is my home, too. But look at it; it's like living in the forest. At night the jackals prowl around. There are no neighbours I can talk to. You are not always here and sometimes I'm so depressed. You won't understand these things. You live in your work. Sometimes you're paid, sometimes not. I had dreams, too, of all the things I would do.

Outside Their Door, An Old Lady Beggar Sings:

"Those who came before are gone / I am left behind, a penniless beggar / Day draws to its close, night's mantle descends / Row me across to the other side"

From the film, Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road)

The same night I look back to Pather Panchali for a few words of wisdom on the experience of human dreaming, I coincidentally happened on the film, "Beyond" by NYC-based photographers Joey L. and Cale Glendening. The quote in the classic 1955 Bengali film Pather Panchali speaks to the luring effect that the ancient city of Benares commands, also known as Varanasi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Indeed, it is impressive to see the holy tradition of sadhus depicted in the light of modern photographic excellence. The final scenes in Joey L.'s film are incredibly touching as a young sadhu teaches about how the world is made for peace, and all must be as the sun, seeing all beings as equals and offering the light of wisdom with an exuberant heart to all indiscriminately. Long Live Mother India! 
As the world turns, dreams often fall into the abyss of earthly shadows and solar illumination 

The Jaws of Life by RK
We Are Not Above Extinction by RK
Light On The Little Road by RK
Bridge Under Serene Sky by RK
All Rivers Sacred by RK
and silence, and nothing, and silence,
and how in silent searching , the wandering fades

a trespasser in the popular living happen-stance of  “honest” life,
to tarry with biblical heat
and white-skinned eyes

paranoiac doom
in the aftermath of domestic civilization

calling back to the childless dream

returning from within
the simplest symbolic stare into the beaten human sigh
pointing downwards


west and east
with the surest of numbered lies,
telling children to fear death and bless the flesh with ungrateful ears, blocked
to the great mystery
that is not
that I am.

excerpts from "that I am silence"

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