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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Woolf, Submerged In Idleness

Christiaan Tonnis - Virginia Woolf (1998)

It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.
- Virginia Woolf (Source)

Idleness is the parent of all psychology
- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (Source

"The statements of every religion, of many poets, and so on, are statements about the inner mythological process which is a necessity because Man is not complete if he is not conscious of that aspect of things." C.G. Jung from "Matter of Heart" (Part 8)
A friend from Central African Republic invites me to follow him as he runs through the jungle, practicing for a race. I watch him tread the waking ground, a delicate step, and light footprints on the unsteady ground. A narrow tunnel opens through the thick upturned ground and low-lying canopy. An old, very tall Caucasian man runs alongside, in exercise clothes, drenched in sweat. The sun boils the moisture, even through the dense layers of African rainforest. He races on, continuing without me, full of life and vigor. Later, we both sit at a cheap restaurant. The city around us is gray and bitter. A host of flies mocks our enjoyment with pointed annoyance. The man from the C.A.R. is grounded, with a strong smile, though uncomfortable in the restaurant for foreigners. I walk home after, alone, through the sickly grass aside a highway. My building lies ahead, embedded in patchwork concrete, almost unlivable, weak with age.
"To dream that you are in a race, foretells that others will aspire to the things you are working to possess...Dreaming that you are in a race signifies that others are envious of your achievements and want what you have...Running in your dreams may also symbolize the energy levels, the strength, or the force that you have to get through life." (iDream)
as moment's inspiration passes,
across from me, an embodiment,
that is love.

dreaming in seeds 
( ,,,***... )
browned, cooked nights,
leading my eyes into the unwavering boundless beyond,
outside our balcony


raised with ephemeral delight,
a turning of the road commences,
our path clarifies as it dims to an other,
though faring bold, with an immense laughter,
a humbling draws one in,
to the other

- excerpts from "silent trust"

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  1. Great picture of Virginia Woolf - now THERE was a dreamer (one of my very favorite writers, who wrapped such pain in such style).

    I like the way you excerpted "silent trust" keeping the ahas without losing the flow. It must have been some night in Chinatown.