Primarily a writing exercise, this dream journal-inspired blog is a quiet introspective sojourn into the process that we traverse in going from private dream to public art. I see our dreaming as an internalized mythmaking. As I philosophize and expressively exhibit dreams, both private and public, I encourage and delight in creative language as a way to practice experiential metaphors through a “public dreaming." Writing Theory: Creative Dream Fiction

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Changing the Subtle Body of Dreams

“Visualization is like a language that you can use to talk to your subconscious. Your subconscious is the part of your brain that’s in charge of a lot of things, but one of the things it’s in charge of is your body’s unconscious processes. How much oxygen you need is not a conscious thought…how much your heart beats is unconscious…We’re being run by a brain that we can’t talk to, but what I’ve realized is visualization is like a language that you can use to talk to your unconscious…Visualization is the universal, or symbols, is the universal language for people that don’t speak your language, your body doesn’t speak your language…look at the picture…look through it, let your subconscious absorb it for just thirty seconds, and then close your eyes…and you do it when your mind is calm and powerful and relaxed, your subconscious understands…”

- Jon Gabriel, Author and Weight Loss Expert

“The #1 best way to digest stress hormones is sleep, and deep sleep will metabolize excess cortizol and epinephrine [stress hormones] better than anything else…sleep as long as you need to and whenever you can.”

- Dr. Christiane Northrup, Best-Selling Women’s Health Author


"Rest During the Day, So You Can Sleep Well" - Shirazian Proverb

I am at the dinner table of my grandmothers in Upstate New York, it is a large table where all the extended family eats for holiday celebrations. I am sitting next to my Father, who is curiously interrogative as to why I am not eating. I begin to tell him about vegetarianism. I say to him that since I can’t eat what’s on the table, which appears to be a meat-based, carnivore’s delight as usual, I am not only handicapped that I can’t eat, but as a vegetarian I must eat more frequently than meat-eaters. This puts me at an increasing disadvantage for when there are solidified times when eating becomes an event and there is not much to eat, so not only am I extra famished because I haven’t eaten, but because I need to eat at a different frequency. I go on to add conversational topics on the experience of being vegetarian. After which I am shown to a mouse cage. The cage is covered in glass walls, almost resembling a reptile or spider pet’s home. All at the table seem to be watching, as I reach into the mouse cage, though there is no mouse, I am reaching for something to close the cage, though as I do, the cage gets bigger and I become smaller. As soon as I am aware, I am in the cage, lying over the pine shavings.  

in a relationship that hovers above
our felt dreaming 
days that drift perfectly
to reflect the pain that grows in scams
of conversed soliloquy heights,

and merging, thoughtless to a secondary grin
she mumbles across the thin lips

a fan of starved off love 
in the dry heat of shocked suburbia 
20 rooms

holding the fact of disassociated family praise
and social malaise
ruining the worst trial
into a gross and thick tide
sucking back the curling emotional stupidity

- excerpt from "Lotus Feed

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