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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shared Dreaming

" - They say we only use a fraction of our brain's true potential. Now, that's when we are awake. When we're asleep, our mind can do almost anything.

- Such as?

- Well, imagine you are designing a building, you consciously create each aspect. Sometimes it feels like it's almost creating itself if you know what I mean.

- Like I'm discovering it.

- Genuine inspiration...Now in a dream our mind continuously does this. We create and perceive our world simultaneously, and our mind does this so well that we don't even know it's happening."  

from the film, "Inception" by Christopher Nolan

our One, Shared

Uniting All Dreamers
Myriad Human Forms

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  1. Hey Rusty, I saw this quote and thought of you:

    "Many do not see that not making a decision to take control of their thoughts and feelings is a decision. For whilst you allow yourself to be at the mercy of the old energies you are embracing them. Many beings, many races can step forward to guide and support but the only change that will happen is when you allow it to happen. For humans are now beginning to dream and that is changing slowly the outlook across the planet. It should be noted the dreaming is important for in dreaming you anchor your reality. What do you dream? How often do you dream this? Do you allow the old to control your dreams or do you allow the new to show the ascension process and the road to SELF? For all is down to each individual human, there will be no mass movement of thought and feelings unless the human race embrace this."

    -- from High Council of Orion Message for January 18, 2012