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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jelaluddin "Rumi" and His Unheard Voice

Koran, Tableau: Ornament by Ibn al-Bawwab

A man pleads with Rumi. "I want to be a Sufi!"
"Can you wrestle?" asks Rumi.
Seasoned wrestlers circle the ring in an encampment.
Menacing physiques tower and surround the man.
"First, you must get our tatoo," the wrestlers respond.
The elder tattoo artist moves hestitantly from his chair.
At the shoulder, he begins.
"No! not there," cries the man, in unbearable pain only minutes later.
The elder tattoo artist begins again, a little lower.
"No! not there," cries the man, in agony only minutes later.
"You must feel pain," the tattoo artist advises.

A Dream scribe 40 anecdotes of as yet untranslated Farsi, directly, and with utmost brevity, from His Unheard Voice

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